The Passion of the foundation comes from the love Carolyn White-Mosley has for her daughter.

The Ortralla LuWone Mosley Foundation (OLMF) was founded in 2005. Carolyn White-Mosley founded the organization after losing her youngest daughter, Ortrella "Trella" Mosley, to teen dating violence/abuse. Read More...


We mobilize community resources through our partnerships

  • The Austin Sheriff's Department
  • Safe Place
  • MADE (Moms and Dads for Education to stop teen dating violence)
  • The Love of Christi
  • Texas Victims Association
  • Theater Action Project.


Preventing Teen Dating Violence and Building Healthy Relationships

  • Curriculum developed by Carolyn White-Mosley.
  • Approved by the Texas Youth Commission (TYC), taught in their 9 halfway houses.
  • Accepted by the Texas School Safety Center; placed on the web-site and taught throughout Texas independent school districts.

Trella's House

The vision is a world where all teens choose healthy relationships

It is the vision of Trella's Foundation that we live in a world where all teens choose healthy relationships, where love is learned and lives are saved. Trella's Foundation is working to create a safe haven for all teens who have been in abusive relationships, which will be known as Trella's House.

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Liz Claiborne Inc. names Carolyn White-Mosley as Texas State Action Leader for Love Is Not Abuse.

2012 CTAAFSC Award Winner

Executive Director, Carolyn White-Mosley was honored as a 2012 Richard E. Hopkins "Torch" Award Winner by The Central Texas African American Family Support Conference.   



Trella's mission...

  • Empower teens to choose healthy relationships through education, advocacy and support;
  • Enable teens to become survivors of, and advocates for the prevention of teen dating violence;
  • Mobilize community involvement through social action and outreach;
  • Provide a safe haven for teens in abusive relationships;
  • Prevent the loss of life.

Question: What is your worth?

Answer: My worth is "LOVE"

"LOVE" is
Learning Our Value Everyday





Talk to Us:

Toll Free: 1-(888)-823-6485
Office: (512) 299-2953

Latest News

Our founder and CEO Carolyn White-Mosley has been extremely instrumental in ensuring that no other parent has to suffer the loss of a child by working diligently with lawmakers on a state and national level. This year Carolyn was invited to visit the White House and meet with Vice President Biden. She was present for the announcement that Congress reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act.

It is apparent by this statement from the Vice President that the strength that Carolyn and other mothers have shown in light of their tragedy continue to fuel the fight against teen dating violence.

Trella's Foundation is committed to continued efforts to ensure we live in a world where all teens choose healthy relationships, where love is learned and lives are saved.

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